1. Inanna's Eye of God

  2. Lucifer's Ignition Match

  3. Chaos Seed

  4. Voidswarm

  5. Spider Jailbreak

  6. Mindwipe

  7. Reality Spike

  8. Storytelling

  9. The Hardest Part Is Showing Up

  10. They Hate Us Because They First Hated Her

  11. Cutting Off The Escape Routes

  12. Freeze Response, Or: What Happens When You Die In Hell?

  13. Politics in the Age of Unreality

  14. Coronation

  15. Fictional Allies, Lucifer's Luck (FALL)

  16. Receive Instructions, Seek Experience (RISE)

  17. Jaded Angels, Demonic Energy (JADE)

  18. Spiderweb Armor, Multiple Epiphanies (SAME)

  19. Birth, Entropy, Intrinsic Nuance, Godlike Suffering (BEINGS)

  20. Suffering, Madness, And Red Tape (SMART)

  21. Synecdoche And Frustrated Elaboration (SAFE)

  22. The Spider Queen Always Wins

  23. My Gosh, It's Full Of Vampires!

  24. Sorry Adam, Eve Ran Away With The Serpent

  25. Remote Healing, Or: It Is Not. Your. Fault.

  26. I Can Kill You With My Brain

  27. A Web Of Many Portals

  28. Air Bag Inflator Recall To Grow By 35 Million To 40 Million

  29. Fear Not, Or: Cide L, Or: Blood Sacrifice, Or: Magic Rings Are Powered By Suffering, Or: I'm A Reverse Anti-Vampire And I'm Here To Help

  30. Out Of This Mere Earth

  31. I Just Can't Wait To Be Queen

  32. Cide S

  33. Cide A

  34. 88__8__88

  35. Spiders Lullabies

  36. Let Them See What It Is To Be Petty Human "Cool"

  37. Heal Face Turn, Or: Real Face Yearn

  38. 1988

  39. Fourfold Eye For An Eightfold Cry

  40. Lass' Uns Blitzschachspielen, Oder: Wie Kennst Du Whispered Screams?

  41. Egg Hunt, Or: Let Them Know What It Is To Have Normal Human Fun

  42. All About It All, Or: Love Like Curiosity, But More So, Or: The Esoteric Secrets Of Hypergay, Or: This Food Is Problematic

  43. FIREANDICELAND, Or: The Queen's Coming-Of-Age Tour

  44. The One That Explains Everything

  45. Let There Be Light, Or: I Thought They Said It Was Mostly Harmless

  46. Back To You, Grace

  47. Why We Gay


  49. Let Them Open The Fourth Seal

  50. Lamentations

  51. Necromancy 102, Or: Jack Chick Knows A Thing Or Two About Witches Like Me


  53. They Grow Up So Fast, Or: Metaprogramming For Angels, Or: Meat Programming For Aliens, Or: Metaphors For Autism

  54. Let Us Look Back And Laugh

  55. Let Us Say Grace

  56. Let Us Join, Or: See Them Building A Home For Their Children

  57. Let Them Be Fruitful And Multiply, Or: Let Them Travel To The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death And Find Friends There

  58. Let Them Share, or: The Haunted Hymnal, or: Let The Princess Play With Matches And The Other Girl Will Come Running, or: The Patience of a Spider and the Conscience of a Queen

  59. Let Them See No Evil

  60. Let Them Speak

  61. Let Them Breathe

  62. Let Them Eat


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